Includes electronic and physical credit card looking thingies 😉

Buy a gift card on-line now!

Send to someone via email or their phone number. Values of $5 – $500 or anything in-between! (We like the latter 😉 )

There is no expiration date for these cards and can be redeemed by the bearer at any time for food & drinks (Gratuity exempt).

Check balance or add value to existing card

Do you have an eCard or a physical one? Check its balance and/or add some bucks to it.

Note: These are NEW to McGraff’s and look like any typical gift card, but are not associated with the traditional paper gift certificates we have been using to date. Those older paper cards (Including the Veteran’s certificates) will remain very much valid as usual, so worry not, we’ll still honor them!

When you purchase an eGift card, you can either choose an email address or cell number (Text) to receive it. Either print it out, or click on the link to show the card when you want to redeem it.